Let’s be honest, it’s easier than ever to chase your creative dreams. Taking that dream and building your own creative empire? Well, that’s bit harder. You have plenty of information available to you. But sorting through it all is a full time job.

Everyone’s a guru, yet no one seems to have answers relevant to you and your goals.

I’ve been there my friend, and I remember wishing someone would spend a few minutes explaining things to me. That’s why I’m extending this offer to you.

I’m no goo-roo, but I’ve helped lots of creative entrepreneurs.

Ask Me About…

  • Writing
  • Self Publishing
  • Starting a Podcast
  • Building a website/blog
  • Creating YouTube videos
  • Getting traffic to your blog
  • Strategies, tools and implementation

Basically anything that relates to writing, publishing and building an audience.

Normally I require a two-month investment from my coaching clients and I charge much, much more. But when you’re still fairly new to all this, that isn’t what you need. What you need is someone to point you in the right direction. A creative entrepreneur with some real experience to answer your specific questions.

So that’s what I’m offering…

A friend you can call whenever you need to.

One-on-one support without the monthly subscription.

The best part is, you don’t have to worry about keeping notes or trying to remember everything. A recording (100% private) will be made available so you can refer back to it anytime you want. In addition, you get access to the Epic Introvert Library (a $99 value).

This is an unprecedented offer and it won’t be around forever. The point of this is to help readers who are serious about their creative passions. So, if you are not determined you will be weeded out. Harsh? Maybe. But Epic Introvert is about building a community of creators who want to level-up.

If you’re happy bouncing around the web, reading articles and signing up for webinars hoping to one day find “the magic bullet”, then this is definitely not for you. However, if you’re tired of all that and just wish someone could spend a little time showing you the ropes…

Let’s talk

  • AM/PM spots available
  • Strategic planning
  • Recording available
  • Blueprint

Compared to group settings, one-on-one coaching multiplies benefits and gives you a specific path. The problem is most one-on-one sessions cost $100s, or sometimes $1,000s. But you can get an hour with me for just $97 $27 which gives us plenty of time to get you going.

Everyone has their own struggles, and their own idea of success. With one-on-one coaching you can express that and get a clear path for your journey.

Get an Hour with CK

It’s all about the journey, my friend. Why go it alone?

What can be done in one call?

You’d be surprised how much can be accomplished in just one session.

Publishing your first book is completely doable within the time we’ll have together.

Become the Netflix of your market by using the same ideas and strategies to build a raving fanbase.

Pickup gigs for “sidehustles” like freelance writing, design, and more.

Build a beautiful website that will knock the socks off your visitors and convert them like crazy!

Setup a podcast and start recording immediately.

Start a YouTube channel that helps build your fanbase AND makes money on the side.

Monetization techniques that make your job as a creator almost effortless.

Learn marketing principles used by some of the most successful artists and entrepreneurs

Personal branding techniques proven to inspire loyalty and large audiences.

13 ways to create powerful content (blogs, podcasts, videos) that attracts buyers

And all this can be done during our time together. This is more than teaching. You and I will be DOING.

Get an Hour with CK
The time to act is now. With only 3 weekly spots available, wait times will rack up quickly.

Currently there is 2 spots available this week.