Creating a consistent brand across the web will help you build your audience and YouTube is an important factor in doing that.  But, you need to change your YouTube channel URL so it matches your brand.

If you haven’t done this already, I’m going to show you how.

It’s really easy and it only takes a minute.  But just because it’s quick and easy doesn’t mean it should be overlooked.

You probably already know why it’s important to do this, so we’ll jump right in.

Lose that Ugly YouTube URL Now

By default, YouTube gives you a pretty long and ugly channel URL.  There’s no way anyone could ever remember it which makes it hard to share, among other things.  You need to change your YouTube URL so that it matches your brand.

Your YouTube Settings

Obviously, you need to be logged into your Google account to do this.  Once you’re logged in, go to YouTube and look in the top right corner.

There you will see your profile image and a little arrow.  Click that arrow and go to “YouTube Settings.”



“Account Overview”

This brings you to “overview” in your account settings.  You should see your profile image in the center of the page, along with some other information about your account. (if you don’t see this, click “Overview” in the top left corner)




From here you click on the word “Advanced” directly below your email address.  Once you’ve done that, you will see your current YouTube URL.

You know the long, ugly one.  Yeah, we’re gonna change that right now.  Click on “Create Custom URL.”

Create Your Custom URL

Now you’re ready to choose your new URL.  It’s important to remember that you can only change your YouTube URL one time.  That’s it.

It kinda sucks, but that’s the way it is.  Hopefully they will change this later, but until then, remember to be choosy.  Pick a URL that matches your brand.



You should have the same, or at least similar name on all your social profiles, so that’s what you need to use for your new YouTube channel URL.

Using the same name and image on every platform…

  • Helps people find you easier.

  • Establishes trust.

  • Builds your brand.

YouTube is no different.

Unfortunately if you have an older YouTube channel you can’t change your URL. You can see Google guidelines about that here.