Welcome to Epic Introvert! I’m CK Stull, I run the site.

One of the reasons I started Epic Introvert is because I wanted a blog where I could write about all the things I enjoy, the things I know, and the things I want to know more of.

Am an Introvert? Yep

Am I Epic? Not yet. But I hope to be. I hope to help you become Epic too.

“Epic at what?” (I’m glad you asked) Well, pretty much whatever you want.

For me — I’m a single parent, a writer, an ex-husband, recovering addict and a lot of other things — I want to be Epic at all of them.

And while I know I can’t be great at everything, I see no problem in trying to improve. That journey to improvement is what I want to share here.

Will you read tips about blogging, self-publishing and even social media here? Yes, definitely.

Will you be subjected to dark and unflattering stories about my past? Probably.

But you don’t have to read those posts or listen to those podcast episodes, unless you’re interested in them. Obviously.

How Epic Introvert was Born

I started several blogs in the past. Most of them were huge failures.

The reason they all failed is because I followed popular advice that said I had to “find a niche and stick to it”.

Although that’s not bad advice (I definitely know people who found success that way), it wasn’t right for me.

I’m a writer. I love to write.

That’s what I want to do, and that’s what I want to be successful at.

Being the go-to blog in a certain niche is all fine and good, but I want more than that.

A Niche is too Confining

If you enjoy writing (which means you ARE a writer) then you will probably find that a niche is too confining for you as well.

So instead of starting another blog based on a niche, I decided to start Epic Introvert — where I could write posts, and record podcast episodes about whatever I want.

Most writers are introverts. And most of them would like to see a certain level of success. A level that allows them to live off their writing.

In other words, they want to become Epic Writers. So, it’s very possible that most things you see on this blog will be, in some way, related to that.